Our Foundation

Getting into school is harder than ever. With applications on the rise and acceptance rates on the decline, standing out and crafting a great application is absolutely essential. In this competitive landscape, more and more students have turned to counselors for help. But we noticed that most of these advisors don’t actually know what happens inside admissions offices, even if they went to great schools themselves. Simply put, getting into a great school doesn’t mean you know why you got into a great school.

We founded InGenius Prep on the simple observation that the most direct source of admissions knowledge comes from the people who actually worked inside the admissions office: Former Admissions Officers. In 2013 on Yale’s campus, we set out on a mission to build the largest team of Former Admissions Officers in the world. And that’s what we did. Today, our team of over 150 Former Admissions Officers from every top school in the United States has helped countless students get into their reach schools.

Our Team of Experts

We are Former Admissions Officers from the most competitive schools. We are writers and editors from top graduate programs. We are professors, researchers, and scholars from U.S. universities. We are teaching fellows from Ivy League institutions. We are business leaders and internship mentors from every industry. Together, we are your admissions team.

150 +

Former Admissions Officers

Decision-makers from top admissions offices

75 +

Graduate Coaches

Writers and editors from top graduate schools

75 +

Academic Mentors

Professors, researchers, and scholars

15 +

Writing Teachers

Ivy League teaching fellows

75 +

Corporate Partnerships

Guaranteed internship opportunities

Our Educational Approach

At InGenius Prep, we know that to get in, you have to stand out. We have reflected on our years of admissions experiences, analyzed the competitive landscape, and know exactly what it takes to get accepted. Time and again, we come back to the same idea: what makes you unique? Our approach to counseling emphasizes independence and leadership, creative thinking and entrepreneurialism, diversity and self-reflection.


What are your grades and test scores? You know that. What are the other factors that affect admissions decisions? We know that. Our team has analyzed thousands of applications from every top university, looking at more than 200 variables along the way. We use this data to provide our students with objective, actionable insights that improve their applications.


What if you could look inside the admissions offices at every school on your list? What if you knew exactly what they were looking for? When students work with us, they benefit from our cutting-edge curriculum, built from the experiences of our 150+ Former Admissions Officers. We use this collective-knowledge base to guide our counseling work.


How is it all done? With a click of a button. We harness technology to connect students and counselors around the world. Our custom student-management platform, The Brain, allows us to oversee all of our student-counselor work and to increase access to our services. The Brain keeps us on track and organized, so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our Results

Our approach works. We have the results to prove it.


Lowest SAT into Top 3 school

3 x

More likely into Top 10 schools

96 %

Family Satisfaction Rate

Our Ethics

We won't do anything an admissions office would consider unethical. Neither should you. We guide students and families on developing strength of character, community impact, and integrity in all that they do. We provide accurate information. We abide by all local, state, and federal laws regarding the treatment of students and confidential information. We represent only your interests. We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to application ethics. Your applications will be your own.