How We Work

From wherever you are to wherever you want to be, we will help you get there. Our team has helped thousands of students like you stand out from the competition and earn acceptances to medical school. Here's how.

Meet your team

The match matters. We will assign you a team of experts, who are trained in our curriculum and managed by our education team. Your target schools, interests, and personality are central to the pairing process. From there, we do everything through video chat, phone, and email. No matter where you are, we are always one click away.

Develop your edge

A great application starts long before pen meets paper. Your team will help you develop your academic interests, engage in unique extracurricular activities, enhance your resumé, hone your leadership skills, and ultimately, position you to get into the best medical schools possible.

Tell your story

Applications are not just forms to fill out. Bridging the gap between who you are and how you appear on paper takes serious work. From the AMCAS to secondaries to interview prep, our counselors will guide you every step of the way.

Earn your acceptance

Our admissions experts, unparalleled resources, and strategic approach will bring your dream schools into reach. No matter which medical school you aspire to, if you want to maximize your chances, we’re here to help. We’ve done it thousands of times before, and we’re ready to do it again. It’s your turn.

Our Services

From freshman year through medical school acceptances, our team will be there every step of the way.

Our Results

Our approach works. We have the results to prove it.


Lowest MCAT into Top 10 School

10 +

MD/PhD Acceptances

100 %

Reapplicant Acceptance Rate

$ 1 Million

In Scholarship Money Awarded

Columbia Medical School

Even though I didn’t think I really needed to hire an admissions consultant to help me with my application, it was absolutely invaluable to getting into my top choice school but also to set my mind at ease and help me stop freaking out the entire time I was applying.

Dr. Arthur Turko

InGenius Prep won’t just prepare you for medical school admissions, they will launch your medical career. If you want a scientific approach to medical school admissions, you’ve found it. Nothing beats InGenius Prep.

Harvard Medical School

I can say without a shadow of doubt that I would not be attending Harvard Medical School without my counselors. With their expertise, they were able to ask the right questions about my past experiences and activities and guide my self-reflection journey. Their edits and comments on all my drafts were extremely helpful, and were always returned in an extraordinarily timely manner (during within 1-2 days). I cannot imagine having better mentors during this process!

Student C
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College

I was hoping to share this great news. I just got my first acceptance to the University of Virginia! I am so grateful for your help and InGenius, best decision ever!

Student I
Duke Medical School

I could not be more grateful for Ingenius Prep. From the moment I sought their advice, everyone was welcoming, responsive, and supportive. Most of all, I would like to thank my counselors. I remember being so excited to get in touch with them to begin my journey of applying to schools. They nurtured my hope and helped me be realistic with my expectations. They provided honest feedback for which schools to keep on my list. They guided my writing to allow me to maintain my style but stay on topic. Overall, they were easily accessible and incredibly helpful. Even in preparing me for interviews or listening to my concerns, Ingenius Prep has been reliably supportive and kind. My applications and interviews would not have been strong enough to reach my goals without the guidance of my counselors. I am in an unbelievable position. I will be matriculating into my dream medical school this summer, and I truly appreciate the time and energy you both, and all of Ingenius Prep, have put into caring about my future and making my dreams possible. I hope to make you both proud and encounter you along my path in medicine.

Student C
UT Southwestern Medical School

Great news!! I pre-matched (which is an early acceptance) to UT Southwestern!!!!! Your guidance helped tremendously and I could not have done it without your help every step of the way. I haven't decided for sure yet if I'm accepting a spot in their class, but it's just so amazing and relieving to know I got accepted into medical school. Thanks again for everything!!

Student C
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College

I was hoping to share this great news. I just got my first acceptance to the University of Virginia! I am so grateful for your help and InGenius, best decision ever!